Wild West Table Rules

Wild West is a traditional pinball table. You have the usual plunger, flippers, ramps and such. Below you will find the specific rules for this table.

You can get Multiball by entering 3 times in the Bank hole. You are safe until you lose the extra balls...
At the top of the table, you can see the Bandit Hideout. Visiting it 4 times will unlock the Shootout mini-game. In that game, get as many bandits as you can before the timer runs out.
The Jackson Ranch, located at the bottom right of the table, will trigger a mini-game in which you must return 7 cows. To do so, hit the flashing targets on the table. Once the bovine has been returned a new target will appear. The mini-game will start every third time you go the ranch.
There is a special capture hole on the table that will grant you an additional visit to each of the Bank, Bandit Outpost and the Jackson Ranch when you trigger it 3 times: the Outlane Hole. It is great to speed up access to all the mini-games.
You can score more points by turning the Multipliers on. To do so, trigger the 3 rollovers at the top of the table. There are 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x options. Watch out not to lose a ball because that will remove any bonuses collected.
At the beginning of the game, the Rotating Platform doesn't move. Hit the bumpers to speed it up, but don't forget that it will slow down over time.
What would be a western adventure without its Saloon? To go in the Saloon, either visit the Bank first or go up the ramp, your choice. Once in there, hit all the targets to gain access to the back room: there is another exit there and it is worth your time, score-wise.

The west is never a dull place and accordingly, people need your help for all kinds of things. In Cheyenne, they need your help with some bullies: hit any of the bumpers 9 times to make them go away. In Topeka you will need to chase a wanted bandit on the stage coach. It might take a couple of tries before you catch him. In Grand Junction someone stole the Saloon register! Chase him through the back door. In Armarillo there is a fight at the Saloon. Break it up by hitting the bumpers until they understand you are the boss. In Santa Fe you will be asked to pay a visit to the Bank, Jackson Ranch and the Bandit Hideout to be sure everything is OK. Finally, in Nuevo Laredo, they want to see you do your best (score), so they send you to collect a Multiplier bonus.

Of course, you can select which city you will visit first. Hit the right combination of Targets in the center and the light for the selected city will change. After that, it is only a matter of taking the Stage Coach  (giddyup the Station ramp);to get there and trigger the mission.

There are other tools to help you, for example, light up all the Targets on the right and the door on the right outlane will open, saving your ball the next time it goes down that way.