Space Explorer Table Rules

Hello there, Captain. Are you looking for a job? Yes? What a coincidence, because I have an offer you couldn't have refused anyway. How would you like to fly at Mach 392? To become the first human to see the moons of Saturn with his own eyes? Maybe even make some new alien friends? Brilliant! So just sign this 20193 pages contract and you will be on your way to see the galaxy, Space Explorer. Don't forget your red shirt on your way out! Disclaimer: In case of emergency, reaching 1 million and 10 millions points will give you a ball boost.

To get the Multiplier bonus (you can get 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x), hit all three targets at the top.
Ready to make some new friends? Multiball attracts aliens like fleas, so better pack some bug repellent. Illuminate up all the rollover lights to see what we are talking about. You can use the flippers to cycle the lights.
It is like a life jacket, but in space: the Outlane Pin will save your ball if it is accessible. How to open the door you say? Get your blasters out and fire at the Targets above the pin.
An interstellar spice worm hiding place? An old mine? A black hole? One way to know: head out down the hole and try the Cavern Explorer mini-game. In that game, try not to scratch the paint of the ship on the walls. The engineers are always giving us trouble about that. You may need to clear the entry before heading that way: destroy the center targets.
The central structure is an artifact left by an ancient civilization. That structure is somewhat fragile so it is equipped with a Deflector Shield. For some reason (we suspect cost overrun, if there is a physical law that is valid everywhere in the universe, it is that government projects will go over budget) the shields are rather small and must be controlled to deflect incoming balls. We have rigged the controls to your ship, so use the left and right paddle to move it around.
Make use of all the potential tools at your disposal out there. This pin will get you back in action in no time. It is one-shot only but you can re-enable it by hitting the bumpers 10 times.
Here is your mission: explore space. You will be piloting the first interstellar-capable ship and we want you to go check a few things.
You know, space is vast. Vaster than you can imagine. To cover large distance you will need to use the left-over alien artifact. Our long-range scans assure us that it is a wormhole. We haven't figured out yet how it works, but we believe that when a ship approaches, it will activate itself and send you where you wish. If that doesn't work, don't worry, we have plenty of other desperate test subj... hrumm... nevermind. So, after each mission, head for the nearby wormhole and it will bring you to your next destination.
Mission 1: Earth.. Like a good car, you first must take your ship around the block for a test drive. Or the Earth in this case. So get out to orbit using the Launch Ramp and head for the wormhole.
Mission 2: Mars. Those Martians have terrorized us forever, in movies, books, cartoons and radio shows. So let's not take any chances: shoot everything you see (there should be 8 high-value Targets). You are cleared to use your missiles, blasters, lasers and boombox loaded with acid jazz. Don't overuse the boombox however, that's a bit cruel.
Mission 3: Space Station. Radar maps show a strange structure beyond Mars. It could be a piece of modern art or a Space Station, we are not sure. If it turns out to be useful, please dock there and investigate. Whichever it is, if you see fuel (flammable neo-gothic art is all the rage), use it to fill up.
Mission 4: Saturn. Not much to see here, but you can use the gas giant gravitation field to propel yourself further out. Complete 2 orbits and head out for the wormhole.
Mission 5: De Kuiper Belt. Check out the Asteroids and see what you can extract. A few hits of a ball should suffice.
Mission 6: The Galaxy. Our calculations show a 0.00022837% chance of success for all of these missions, but we remain optimistic. If you reach this stage, we encourage you to continue on and baldly go where no man has gone before (yes, if does require that you shave your head, stop squirming!). But first, you need to come back to Earth to drop the samples you collected. Then take off again (up that ramp), fill up (at the Space Station/Modern Art piece) and fly away. Good luck Captain. You are our first best hope at space-faring (and bad jokes). Go make it so-so. Bye-bye.