Diving for Treasure Table Rules

Diving for Treasure is a traditional pinball table with an underwater theme. Your goal is to get the diver to the treasure at the bottom of the table (that, and score gazillions of points, of course). The table is much longer than usual tables, so you have multiple sets of flippers at your disposal. And like most tables you can also get an extra ball when you reach 1 million and 10 millions points.

To trigger a Multiplier bonus (you can get 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x), turn on all the lights on the rollovers.
The Multiball is well hidden among the seaweed. You will need to get in there a couple of times before you get it. But don't forget to open the access door: hit the two center Targets to do so.
Another day, another capture hole: the Outlane Hole will grant you access to the extensive cavern system and a mysterious current will move your ball... somewhere... scary... (clue in ominous music). To get access to it, just hit the lonely Target in the middle.
More caverns: the Left Hole is a shortcut to the Submarine. You can clear the entrance of the hole (read: open the door preventing access) by hitting the middle bumpers 10 times.
Whoa, those are some pointy teeth... Getting too close to that Shark will set you back for sure, however there is a nice cavern up there as well. You can also see a Submarine at the other end.
As the saying goes: sometimes natures conspires to help you out. Hummm... that doesn't sound quite right. Anyway, there are some pretty deep currents (abysal circulation, if you must know) in the ocean bringing cold water (or balls) toward the surface.
As mentioned above, the theme of the table is underwater exploration. Namely, help the diver find the big Treasure Chest! However, diving to such depths is not an easy task. First there is all that air you must pump down, then there are many dangers in the water.
To get to each new diving Station, you must first extend the air hose. To do so, get into the Submarine and hit all the targets. With each new target that you hit, you will see the lights along the hose extend. Once you reach a new Station, a special mission will begin. After you have completed that mission, you must get back to the sub and repeat the air routine again. Got that? Ok, let's look at the different stations now.
Station 1: Coral. Hey, maybe the chest is hidden among the coral? The coral may even have grown over it you know. So better have a good look. Hit all the targets to complete the objective.
Station 2: Shark. Behind you! Big Shark! Use the bumpers to stun it. You'll definitely need to take a break in the sub after this one.
Station 3: Jellyfish. Better be careful here. You could probably squeeze through that jellyfish field, but then again, why risk it? Make them go away, then you can continue. I hear they don't like being prodded, so use the ball on them.
Station 4: The Deep Ocean. There is not much that lives down here. At least no sharks or jellyfish that you can see... But the ocean is a BIG place, so that treasure may be around somewhere. Look for it then head back up for some fresh air again.
Station 5: Cavern Exploration. This looks like a great place to hide a treasure, don't you think? Go poke your head inside to check it out.
Station 6: the Treasure. And there is was, lying on the seabed all along. But it is way too heavy to carry back up with you. What's a diver to do? Try opening the lock by lighting up all the rollovers in the area. But make sure that the safety pins and holes are open before doing so... or your ball might fall down the Abyss