Carnival Table Rules

Carnival is a traditional pinball table with a Carnival (shocking, right?) theme. There is the Mirror House, the Haunted Mansions, mini-games, an Arcade - it is all up to you to discover them. Of course the usual pinball elements are all there as well and here is a breakdown on how to unlock them. (Don't tell anyone, but you can also get an extra ball when you reach 1 million and 10 millions points.)

The Haunted Mansion in the top left corner of the table will help you unlock the Multiball. You must cause your ball to be captured 3 times. The bat lights indicates your progress.
Visit the Arcade hole enough times (3 should be enough...) and you will discover the Truck Attack mini-game. In that game, simply try to avoid being run over by the truck: use the left and right flippers to move.
Not scoring enough points? What you need is a Multiplier bonnus. You can collect them by lighting all the rollover lights at the top of the table. Also remember that you can use the flipper controls to rotate which lights are turned on: quick reflexes will net you more bonuses. The star lights at the bottom of the table indicate what your current bonus is.
There is a special capture hole on the left side of the table. Whenever you get the ball in there, you will trigger one of 3 Mini-Game Challenges. Your current progress in each mini-game is noted in the matrix display.
  • Demolition Derby: Can you hit the bumpers 6 times for a nice bonus?
  • Shazam: Your accuracy will be tested - you need to get the ball captured in a hole (any will do) 3 times.
  • Target Practice: Do you feel lucky? Can you hit 9 targets?

Safety Instructions: if you are not careful, you may lose your ball... and the game, so listen now: always make sure the Safety Pins are engaged. Whenever they are released, you can reset them by hitting all 3 targets associated with them. For the right pin use the center targets, for the left pin, use the left targets. You know which targets to aim for by looking for which target lights are not lit.
Hey, it is all upside down in here, where am I? It is the Mirror House where gravity is inverted: the ball will roll toward the top! If you manage to get in there with a Multiplier bonus, you can get a crazy score.