Brix Table Rules

Brix is not a traditional table. Instead it is the love child of pinball and some old school arcade game (which explains why the name of the table includes the tag 'Arcade' in the game). The game in question involves breaking bricks with the help of a ball... you may have heard of it.

Your goal is to destroy the bricks. Usually a single hit will do the trick, but some bricks are quite a bit stronger. Others are even indestructible, but don't worry, you don't need to break those.
Once you take down all the bricks in a level, a warp hole will appears and try to capture your ball. Upon capture, a new level will be shown. Completing a level disables some of the bonuses you accumulated (like the Flipper and Bumper bonuses) but also gives you a ton of points!
To aid you, bonuses will appear at random when a brick is broken. Some bonuses like Multiball will be granted immediately, some others will require that you get the bonus colored ball into the proper hole.
Bonus - Extra Ball: you are granted an extra ball.
Bonus - Slow Down: the ball will slow down for some period of time. Quite helpful in the advanced levels when the ball goes really fast.
Bonus - Bumper: a bumper will appear on the field, in place of the capture hole. Bumpers are useful for getting multiple hits on the bricks, but sometimes they appear in annoying positions.
Bonus - Blocker: a pin will rise between the flippers to prevent the ball from passing through, letting you play in relative safety for some time.
Bonus - Flipper: at the beginning of the game, there is an inactive flipper on the left side of the table. This bonus will make it active. Very useful to keep up with the pace of the game.
Bonus - Multiplier: like in all good pinball games, this bonus will grant you a 2x, 3x and 4x on any points scored. Watch out however: when you lose the ball, it will reset.
Bonus - Multiball: sometimes, when breaking a brick you will release 2 balls that were trapped inside.
Bonus - Next Level: This bonus will open up the capture hole for going to the next level.
Bonus - +1 Outlane Save: The outlanes (the lanes on the outside of the flipper lanes) are each protected by a pin. However, there is a limit on how often your ball will be saved (but this applies only to normal, non-bonus, plain-old standard metallic balls). You start the game with 3 saves, indicated by the led display. This bonus raises that number by 1, up to a maximum of 9 at one time. Once all the saves are gone, the pins become inactive and the next time the ball goes in the outlane, you will lose it...
Once each target at the top of the table has been hit, the targets transform into a super push back mechanism! And you get a bunch of points as well, of course.