Here is a few questions that we get frequently, maybe they can help you out.

When I try to install the game, I get an 'Unknown Error'.

Check out this page. It details what is the cause of the problem and how to fix it.


When I try to update the app, I get an error that says it can't install on sd card.

That problem can happen with any app and once you have it, you are most likely to get the same problem with other apps. Here is a technical overview of how to fix it. Unfortunately, we don't know of any ways to fix it otherwise. If you do, please contact us.


How to keep my high scores when I upgrade to the premium version?

Make sure you have the free version updated to 1.3.2 or later. Then, download the premium and run it. Your scores will be imported and you can now download the free version.


I downloaded the premium version 1.3.1 and I lost my high scores. What to do?

If you have the free version with your scores still installed on your phone, you can make this work. First, update the free version to 1.3.2 or later. Then run the free version once. After that, you should update the premium version as well (1.3.2 or later). Next time you run it your free high scores will be in the premium version. Warning: this will erase any high scores that you had on the premium version.